Hi All,

I just recognize that my last post in this blog was ‘Resolusi 2013’ which i wrote at beginning of 2013. After that no post and then i write 2014 resolution :). Before i start to write my 2014 resolution i wanna look back to my 2013 resolutions :

Ini resolusi 2013 saya :

1. Bikin perut jadi Six Pack. Berat naik 5 kg.

2. Bikin 1 judul buku dan diterbitkan.

3. Lolos 2 sertifikasi CEH dan SSCP / ECSA/ CHFI.

4. Bikin 1 mass product yang masuk production.

5. Punya 1 jenis usaha dewek. 😛

So, these are the result back then :

1. Bikin perut jadi Six Pack. Berat naik 5 kg. Status : 50% passed.

Actually, after i think again, it is difficult to apply both of them at the same time. I reckon why i wrote that for my resolution because my weight is just 60 and im skinny. In 2013 i ate a lot and did fitness sometime, in order to reach my goal. As a result, my weight increased 5 kilos and my belly got 5 centi larger 🙂

2. Bikin 1 judul buku dan diterbitkan. Status : 30% passed.

I wrote 1 title book about IT security and still progressing until now. I have difficult time to write because of my lack writing experience. But i will continue to finish my first book this year. Insha Allah.

3. Lolos 2 sertifikasi CEH dan SSCP / ECSA/ CHFI. Status : 100% passed.

Believe me, this is difficult task to do especially when i have to convince my boss to approve my second training. But, thanks God i got kind and right boss, he approved by second proposal training. So, after all in 2013 i have passed and got 2 IT security certifications, they are :

1. CEH v7 (Certified Ethical Hacker)

2. E|CSA v4 (EC-Council Certified Security Analyst)

both of them are from EC-Council. you can view the detail by clicking on them.

4. Bikin 1 mass product yang masuk production.

Status : 100% passed

My 2013 mass product are eTax DKI and End Point Security (EPS) for ATM machine. eTax DKI system has been implemented to more than 3000 shops consist of restaurant, hotel, parking lot, and entertainment. It was project from DKI Government that stated every tax obligator should pay their tax via online system. The side effect is : another city want to be implemented also! this will overwhelming project since there are just view person who run this project and still 6000 outlets remains to be implemented in DKI !

5. Punya 1 jenis usaha dewek. 😛

Status : 100% passed.

No time remains. No power to run a shop. So, i decide to bought a f&b franchise. I bought franchise selling drinking product because i think it is easier than selling a food. My first outlet will be open in 2014 at one of Jakarta school located at South.

So after i write down my 2013 achievement, i wanna start new day and bring 2014 resolutions 🙂

These are my 2014 resolution

1. Get Toefl Score 600

2. Get CISSP certification

3. Get Master Degree.

4. Create one book and be published.

5. Fitness and body exercise more!

6. Reach BEP for my first outlet flavour tea

7. Buy MacBook Air 🙂

8. Add 1 outlet selling food.

For this year I wanna Say :

Enjoy and Learn Everything, Evey Time, get more Patience , get Healthy and believe that Everything is Possible !

Kind Regards,